Who We Serve

Any child in the Metropolitan area that is in a system that wishes to be placed in homes with adoptive families--regardless of  his/her age, creed, race, first language, or gender.

Synopsis of Programs

  • To place children in need of adoptive families in permanent, stable, faith-based, and loving families.
  • To drastically reduce the number of children waiting to be adopted.
  • To empower adoptive families to have success in rearing adopted children, and serving as a clearinghouse for services, counseling, and related information to aid the incorporation of new family members into new households.
  • To educate the public to be proactive in getting youngsters adopted.
  • To reduce obstacles and impediments to the adoption process and those seeking to adopt.
  • To furnish certified respite and child care providers to adoptive families. 
  • To organize local communities to create support groups for adoptive families.

Homes for Jannies’ Angels

The program recruits adoptive parents, prepares adoptive families, and provides post-adoptive support to families in the Metropolitan area.  It is a partnership with local Departments of Social Services and Adoption Agencies in the region. Whereas, this program serves children of all demographic backgrounds, there is a special emphasis on finding homes for hard-to-place older African American youngsters. This program also does referrals to local Departments of Social Services and screen families interested in adopting children or fostering children in the system.

Adoptive Parents Support Services

CAPs Inc. provides therapeutic services to adoptive children and their families via outside agencies.  These services help new parents to master necessary skills and methods in parenting useful to working with some adoptive children with internal challenges. In addition, some young people coming from the Department of Social Services experience physical, emotional, and academic challenges, and CAPs. Inc. has professional support to serve as advocates and consultants gratis to adoptive families.

Mentoring Program

CAPs Inc. has its own mentoring program that reconnects adopted children into a non-institutional environment by furnishing mentors that work one-on-one with the program’s children to build self-esteem, social skills, and academic competencies. Our program refers kinship, foster, and adoptive children to wholesome activities both educational and cultural to aid in their learning and developing into rounded individuals. Among the programs and activities that we have provided our youth with include: conflict resolution, peer pressure management, literacy, college preparation, test-taking skills, work-study/internships/professional preparation, dress for success, financial planning and money management, life skills, achievement programs and award ceremonies, youth leadership and life choices, entrepreneurial progras and life skills.



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