Can you imagine what happens to a child with no family? For too many children the reality is a dismal path littered with broken promises and abandonment.  Help us help children and families stay together.

Coalition of Adoption Programs Inc. is a champion for services to children and families of foster care and adoption.  Our services assist parents and children throughout the family life cycle. Please visit our donate page or click the link below.

GOOD PARENTS: The Secret of Adoption Success

Committed, devoted, sacrificial, and courageous adults interested in loving another generation of children are the essential ingredient to the adoption process. Such persons are engaged and able to   reach into the lives of young people who have never known what being wanted means.  Based on what CAPs Inc. has experienced we place a major emphasis on parental Involvement, because this is the foundation to all successful effort to raise healthy children.  Well-prepared and caring parents are individuals able to pass along life-skills and provide essentials of life—including shelter, food, healthcare,  proper socialization, exposure to culture,  emotional nurturing, and intangibles that include moral and spiritual values. Devoted parents bring to the table social networks including friends, extended family, and professional contacts that help shape the lives of youngsters.



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